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Use Google Photos’ Live Wallpaper Feature to Relive Memories on Your Lockscreen


A screenshot of Memories in the Google Photos app.
Google Photos

Who has time to go through their Google Photos account? The free cloud storage service is trying to make it easier to go through your pictures with its new Memories live wallpaper. The wallpaper constantly cycles through your Google Photos, making it easy to experience the past every time you unlock your Android phone.

Spotted by XDA, the Memories live wallpaper cycles random photos on your homescreen or lockscreen. But the feature is still pretty rudimentary—you can’t customize it to show photos from a specific Google Photos album, for example, and you can’t adjust how often the image switches (it cycles every couple minutes by default). Also, the feature appears to be Android-exclusive.

To use Google Photos’ new live wallpaper feature, open the stock Android wallpaper picker and go to Live Wallpapers. If you’re using Google Photos version 5.22 or later, you should see a  wallpaper called Memories. Open it to preview or set Google Photos Memories as your live wallpaper. You may need to download the 5.22 update through APKMirror if it isn’t available to you in the Play store yet.

If you’re one of many people who are upset about Google Photos’ new data cap, then this live wallpaper feature might give you a reason to stick around. It’s still a pretty primitive feature, but it could be a game-changer once Google implements some controls and customization.

Source: Google Photos via XDA

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