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The Google Pixel 4a is finally available in a color other than black—at least for now


If there’s one knock against the Google Pixel 4a, it’s that it comes in only one color: Just Black. After COVID 19-related production issues reportedly forced Google to push back the 4a’s launch, the budget Pixel finally landed in August in just a single configuration.

Just in time for the holidays, Google has launched a new color for the Pixel 4a: Barely Blue. It’s not the first time Google has offered a blue hue for its products—the original Pixel came in Really Blue, the Pixel Slate is midnight blue, and the Nest Home Mini is available in Aqua, for instance—but this shade is on the subtle side. Like the Purple-ish Pixel 3a and Not Pink Pixel 3, the shade of blue here is very light and unassuming.

Google pairs the color option with an orange power button, continuing its trademark accent introduced with the Pixel 2. The Just Black 4a has a mint-green power button.

Otherwise, the Barely Blue Pixel 4a is the same as the Just Black Pixel 4a, with a 5.8-inch display, Snapdragon 730G processor, and 12.2MP rear camera. It runs Android 11, and at $349 it’s one of the best Android values you can get.

The Barely Blue Pixel 4a is available exclusively through the Google Store while supplies last. Knowing Google that supply might be limited, so if you want one, we recommend running to get it.

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