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Saudi Arabia’s virus recovery rate inches higher as numbers settle


RIYADH: Imagine creating content that utilizes all five senses — that is the direction that virtual reality filmmaking is taking, according to Abdullah Maghram, a Saudi filmmaker.
Abdullah attained his master’s in virtual reality from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT).
“I want to be one of the pioneers in the world, showing how this technology can be helpful for the humanity,” Abdullah said.
Abdullah was the first virtual reality filmmaker to graduate from RMIT. “It is very tough to be the first one, you have to experiment a lot.”
The filmmaker explained that virtual reality is part of immersive media, a third generation of virtual reality that utilizes augmented reality and mixed reality. “So VR can stimulate the five senses, which is a game changer, because in traditional media we usually use one or two senses,” said Abdullah.
Abdullah has created several VR films for his university presenting the campus and the city of Melbourne, as well as local films in Saudi Arabia for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the National Museum and other entities.
Abdullah’s dream project is to create a series of VR films showcasing the Kingdom to the world.
“They can see what treasures we have here in Saudi Arabia, and I think that will be very valuable for the country,” Abdullah said.
Abdullah told Arab News about a film created by the United Nations. “A few years ago they created a VR film to raise money to support Syrian refugees. They showed it to world leaders and donors in the World Economic Forum, who pledged $3.8 billion, 40 percent more than expected. I think this is a great example of how powerful the art is, of its ability to change the world,” Abdullah said.

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