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Satan in Love With 2020 – Twitter Ripped Over the New Dating App Ad



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The old saw states that there is somebody for everyone, meaning that anyone can find the love of their life. It might take a long time but, nowadays, it is easier, with the help of online dating services. Seems like a perfect match is finally available to anybody and everybody, including one of the most monstrous years in recent memory: 2020.

In a series of hilarious new ads created by Ryan Reynolds’ content studio Maximum Effort for dating app Match.com, we get to know a love story between the personification of 2020 and Satan. The two had matched on the dating app and now are, together, living their best lives. In the latest video, the lovers tell their “how we met” story as 2020 quips: “I’ve dated much worse guys than him. I mean, at least he is famous”.

​In the first Reynolds ad, we find Satan, depressed at his lack of success in finding love, until he finally encounters a young woman who tells him her name is “2020”. This sounds like a classic rom-com, only with a pinch of dystopian destruction. The video chronicles the lovers stealing toilet paper from public restrooms, watching movies in an empty theater and enjoying themselves at a deserted football stadium.

The ad, simultaneously romantic, fun and sad, is a collaboration between actor Reynolds and pop artist Taylor Swift. The pop singer debuted a re-recording of her hit song Love Story in an ad, while the Deadpool actor produced it.

Both amusing videos blew the Internet away as netizens reacting by tweeting that it is the best explanation yet for everything that has gone on this year.

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