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r/technology – Bye Bye, Ajit Pai: FCC Boss Will Soon Lose Top Spot. You can expect most of his more controversial decisions, like the repeal of net neutrality, to be reversed.


This always should have been infrastructure. Weirdly enough, our nation spent much of the 90s actually building that infrastructure, but it was mostly corrupt contractors cashing in on a trend. The most famous builder of big “pipes” was basically just an elaborate stock scam. If those resources had been put to the public interest instead of managed by a government that fetishized privatization, broadband as a public utility would already be an easy thing to make happen in most American homes.

There are some rural locations where a logical network of high capacity bandwidth might not reach organically. Then again, FDR’s rural electrification initiative was amazing for our economy and our culture, literally connecting people in remote spots with the power of modern society. It was an excellent jobs program that could be repeated again, bringing bandwidth to people who (often because their work feeds resources into our industries or literally grows food for us all) aren’t located in places where incidental fees could cover the costs of connectivity.

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