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I had a peruvian rose hair tarantula growing up. She was named Elvira. She would often do things I thought too complicated for her size.

Edit: do i add it here?

  1. Elvira was super organized. She had a spot she would eat. A spot she would sleep. A spot she would do her bathroom business. A spot where she would dump insect corpses.

  2. Elvira loved fresh water. She’d climb out of her little log cabin as soon as i poured fresh water in and she’d drink for a long time.

  3. Elvira would store food. No idea why. She got fresh food every week. Nonetheless, she would store wrapped up insects in her cabin.

  4. Cleaning. Elvira would use her back legs to clean her abdomen and her pedipalps to clean her fangs. She was always cleaning herself.

  5. She would make escape attempts. When i would open her lid, i had to be quick because she’d climb the glass to get out. Somehow she knew she could only escape when I opened the lid. She escaped twice.

  6. Meticulous laying of webs. The entire tank for would be covered in webs. If an insect dropped across the tank, she knew on the opposite side of the tank from her cabin. She would repair the webs after they were damaged.

  7. Pissed off killings. If she wasn’t hungry but there was an insect messing with her webs, she would go out and kill it but ignore the corpse.

  8. Probably the smartest thing: she would move the heating stone to be closer to her cabin. I never caught her doing it. She was most active at night, but she seemed to dig a path in the sand and ease it closer.

Sadly Elvira is no longer with us. She lived to the ripe old age of 18. Quietest, cleanest, and least demanding pet I’ve ever had.

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