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Can dogs has a lil salami too?

Just kidding, the answer is NO.

God created dogs to be fuzzy little friends for us humans. They look up to us, rely on us for their necessary intake/outtake mannerisms, appreciate us, perform tricks for us, even offer themselves as warm pillows to lay your head on.

Not to be outdone, Satan had to conjure up a knockoff of animal to compete with the dog. What was that animal? The cat. It had the fuzzy friend feature, but all other features were lacking. Most times your cat product would rarely: look up to you, eat properly unless you’re giving treats, shit where it should, show you any appreciation unless it was for treats, perform tricks when convenient for them or for treats, and squirm or flip shit if you even tried to lay your head on them.

Despite the clear case of pet infringement, cat popularity surged. Even now, cat adoption is a huge deal. People are willing to buy or adopt the budget dog just to try out the experience. Ever buy a knock off iPhone back in the day? You’re getting that same experience, but you can’t leave it in the forget about it drawer for months unless you want stinky furniture.

“Where does this tie into salami?” you might be asking. I’m asking the same question.

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