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Qi Card’s Personal Banking App Brings Convenience and Security to Personal Financial Management | Markets Insider


BAGHDAD, Iraq, Nov. 8, 2020 /PRNewswire/ —  Qi Card, the leading electronic banking solution and default national debit/credit card of Iraq, offers Iraqi customers the most user-friendly personal banking experience through the Qi Services from Al-Rafidain Bank app. On tablets and smartphones, Qi Card and Mastercard holders banking with Al-Rafidain can manage finance with the tips of their fingers.

Personal banking has never been easier with Qi Card.  Qi Services from Al-Rafidain Bank allows Rafidain Bank Qi Card and Mastercard holders to perform a host of actions from their wireless devices. Among the most loved features are:

  • Balance check: app users can see their account balance and review recent transactions
  • Funds transfer: no need to visit a branch, app users can transfer funds within the app
  • Installment payment access: card holders can use the app to access the popular installment payment program, through which they can transact with more than 6,000 merchants and pay for their goods over time

The Qi Services from Al-Rafidain Bank mobile app is available to download through Google Play and Apple’s App Store. All you need to login is your mobile number with country code and MPin. If you do not yet have an account, register now at the Al-Rafidain Bank website at https://bit.ly/2Mw1UqG.

Qi Card’s products and services are based on the principle of maximum protection, accessibility, ease of use and full transparency. The company boasts more than a decade of experience facilitating electronic payments and employs state-of-art biometric verification. 

To learn more about Qi Card, visit www.qi.iq 

About Qi Card 

Qi Card is the leading electronic payment services solution in Iraq, which employs biometric identity as the cardholder verification method. Qi Card is operated and managed by International Smart Card “ISC,” the most successful partnership in the history of Iraq. With its State Bank partners, Al-Rafidain and Al-Rashed, it has completed domiciliation of more than 7M citizens with its multi-biometric payment scheme. In just over 18 months, ISC was able to disburse 3T IQD in loans to over 800,000 Iraqi citizens. To date, ISC has an ecosystem of 17,000 POS and more than 6,000 merchants using the Qi scheme to provide easy merchant funded installment and other commercial activities. ISC issues and acquires payment cards on behalf of fourteen affiliated banks in Iraq. Through its principal membership in Mastercard, ISC has now issued more than 1.8M Mastercard and is now the largest Mastercard provider in Iraq. 


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