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PMW: For PA, peace means a Judenfrei state, ethnically cleaned of Jews


For the Palestinian leadership, peace with Israel can only be achieved in a “judenfrei” Palestinian state – a state free of Jews, ethnically cleansed of the over 800,000 Jews who now live in West Bank and Jerusalem, Palestinian Media Watch (PMW) has said. The NGO, which translates Arabic-language media into English to highlight the incendiary claims made by Palestinian leaders, highlighted a recent speech by PA Deputy Prime Minister and PA Presidential Spokesman Nabil Abu Rudeina, who said: “The [Israeli] settlement[s] will disappear in the end. There will be no peace as long as there is one settlement on the Palestinian lands. Just as the settlements were removed from Gaza, they will be removed from the West Bank.”
He continued, “either a peace that is based on an independent, fully sovereign [Palestinian] state with East Jerusalem as its capital and without settlers or settlements, or else there will be no security, no stability, and no peace.”Palestinian Media Watch have flagged the comments, saying that Rudeina’s claims amount to calling for a judenfrei state. Not only that, but they are based on a false historical narrative, the NGO said. “In order to understand the PA approach, it is important to point out two critical points,” PMW said in an article on their website. “The pillar of the PA demand is based on the Palestinian narrative which defines the “West Bank” and “East Jerusalem” as “Palestinian lands”. While Abu Rudeina’s definition of the “Palestinian lands” is reflective of the often-repeated PA narrative, it lacks any historical veracity. At no period in time were the “West Bank” and “East Jerusalem” under “Palestinian” control or part of an independent “Palestinian” State.”

Palestinian Media Watch (PMW) highlight that, even the UN Security Council resolution 242, which the Palestinians falsely refer to as the basis for their claim that these areas are “Palestinian lands” does not mention, even once, the word “Palestinian”.

Historically, since the expulsion of the Jewish people by the Roman Empire, the entire area of land from the Jordan River in the east to the Mediterranean Sea in the west, from Lebanon in the north to the Red Sea in the south, came under the rule of interchanging conquerors, reported PMW.

Detailing the history of the region, PMW added: “The Palestinian narrative is negating historical fact and rejects any pragmatic approach that Judea, Samaria and East Jerusalem are all part of the Jewish homeland.”The NGO insisted that this approach was absolutely unacceptable as, in calling for 100% expulsion of the Jews, it went even further than the South African Apartheid which prohibited black South Africans from buying or renting land in 93% of South Africa. “Since Jews were incontrovertibly resident in the areas that Abu Rudeina now claims as exclusively Arab “Palestinian lands”, it is clear that the demand that Jews be stripped of all their historical and legal rights is not a valid demand, whose sole purpose is to create a state that is “judenfrei,”” PMW wrote. “It goes without saying, that conditioning Israeli-Palestinian peace on realizing a false historical narrative that requires expelling over 800,000 Jews from their homes, is not and cannot be a position that the international community should identify with.” 

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