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‘Nope… They can CHOKE’: Katy Perry sounds a rare bipartisan note of love for family, only to get ripped by thought police


US pop star Katy Perry tried to encourage her fans to mend fences with family members who disagree with them politically, now that the presidential election is over, but incurred wrath for loving “oppressors.”

“The first thing I did when the presidency was called is text and call my family members who do not agree and tell them I love them and am here for them,” Perry told her 108.8 million Twitter followers on Sunday. “Call your family today.”

The gesture of reconciliation was a breath of fresh air for some after months of intensifying political vitriol and protests that often descended into violence as the nation was gearing up for the November 3 election. In fact, the battle is going on even after the US mainstream media declared Democrat Joe Biden the winner on Saturday, as President Donald Trump has vowed legal challenges over alleged voting fraud in Pennsylvania, Michigan and other states.

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“We need more of this,” psychology professor and author Geoffrey Miller tweeted. “Katy keeping it classy.”

But even as Biden calls for a “time to heal in America,” his apparent supporters lashed out at Perry for extending an olive branch to family members. “So you enabled them,” writer and podcaster Kinsey Clarke said. “Cool.”

Others were harsher about politically unwoke family members. “Uh, nope, we ain’t doing that,” one commenter tweeted. “They can choke.” Another suggested violence rather than a loving gesture: “You don’t gotta love the Nazis in your family. You punch them even harder than the ones you don’t know. No excuses ever for accepting fascism.”

Another Perry follower felt betrayed, saying, “This is really a disturbing take. I thought you were our ally, but this says otherwise. I will not console my oppressors.”

Perry herself has made no secret about her own political preferences, posting messages in support of Biden on her social media. In August, the singer posted a photo of her together with Biden’s running mate, Kamala Harris, praising the Democratic presidential nominee for picking her as his VP.

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