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Moscow Says Navalny Case Orchestrated to Impose Sanctions on Russia, Slams ‘Politically Biased’ OPCW



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The Russian Foreign Ministry has made several comments on the opposition figure Alexei Navalny’s case, saying that the entire situation has been orchestrated to impose new sanctions on Russia.

The Organisation for Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) leadership is politically biased, the foreign ministry said.

Moscow expects Berlin to comply with the international law and begin cooperating on Navalny’s case with Russia, according to the ministry.

The statement comes an hour after the office of the Russian Prosecutor General said it received a response from Germany on Alexei Navalny. However, “none of Russia’s questions received substantial answers”, according to the office’s spokesman. 

Russia has repeated its request for more information about the substance that was allegedly found in Navalny’s tests. Without Germany’s explanations, Russia remains unable to draw any definitive conclusions on the situation, as there were no traces of any poisonous substance in Navalny’s samples taken during the hospitalisation in Russia, the prosecutors said.

According to the Siberian Bureau of the transport department of the Rusian Interior Ministry, Navalny was diagnosed with acute pancreatitis, after his wife told Russian doctors he may have felt unwell due to dieting. 


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