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Deal Alert: The TCL 75-Inch 8-Series Roku TV is $1,500 Off


A 75-inch TV hung on a wall.

TCL’s 75-Inch 8-Series Roku TV looks great, thanks to its large size and some of the very newest TV tech like mini-LEDs. But at $3,000, it’s also well out of range of an affordable TV. But Best Buy has your back, and slashed half the price of the smart TV, bringing it down to a $1,500. Better act quickly before it sells out.

TCL is already well-known for pioneering affordable 4K TVs, often at $600 or less. But new tech still costs money, and that’s what the 8-Series is all about. It uses quantum-dot LED technology for superior color performance and mini-LED technology to create uniform backlighting.

As one of the company’s newest TVs, it’s also likely to get Roku’s latest update, which adds AirPlay. You’ll also get HDR10, Hybrid Log Gamma, Dolby Vision, Dolby Atmos, and Auto Game Mode for low latency playing.

This particular unit is a massive 75-inches and supports 4K resolution if you have the content to back it up. At half-off, this deal likely won’t last long. So if you’re were in the market to spend around $1,500 on a TV anyway, you may as well grab one that’s usually twice the price.

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