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Business Leaders, Citing Damage to Country, Urge Trump to Begin Transition


“She said they asked her to reach out to the New York business community,” Kathryn Wylde, the chief executive of the Partnership for New York City, said of Ms. James. Ms. Wylde took part in a call the next evening with Ms. James and the executives, who were donors to both political parties.

Ms. Wylde said Ms. James told the group that the attorneys general “thought that the New York business community” would “have influence in convincing Republicans around the country that this should be over, that the transition should be acknowledged, and that it was a frightening proposition that this would remain unresolved.”

Ms. James, in a statement Sunday night, said, “This isn’t about partisan politics, but about protecting our democracy.”

“Without the rule of law and an orderly transfer of power, everything from commerce to health care delivery to national security is in peril, and our business leaders can see that as clearly as the rest of us,” she added.

Among the topics that came up on the call, according to participants, was the idea of withholding support from Senators Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue, both Republicans, who are running for re-election in Georgia, until the presidential transition is underway.

At least one participant, Rob Speyer, the chief executive of Tishman Speyer, suggested that some wealthy donors had already been considering withholding support, according to four people with knowledge of his comments.

(Mr. Speyer, a registered independent, is largely a Democratic donor, while his father, Jerry Speyer, is largely a Republican donor.)

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