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BIG shopping centers say they will open against coronavirus rules


BIG group shopping centers will open Sunday against coronavirus regulations, according to Israeli media. Following the regulation change that allows shops to open, the group notified Israel’s attorney general of the intent to open, claiming that they are not defined as a mall, according to Israel Hayom.The group also notified the coronavirus cabinet of the decision, Ynet news reported. The BIG shopping center group had announced on Sunday that it would open its open-air centers in “green” cities and will begin demanding full rent and fees from businesses located in the centers. Most store owners in BIG centers did not open their shops last week, but are now expected to go along with BIG group’s call to open starting Sunday, according to Ynet News. In a letter to businesses in BIG centers, BIG group CEO Hay Galis stressed on Sunday that while businesses received support and compensation from the government and unpaid leave, the BIG group did not receive the same support and did not send workers on unpaid leave. The group also forgave rent and management fees.“We did not receive a single shekel for this period, neither from the state nor from you,” wrote Galis, adding that the group had tried, and failed, to convince business owners to protest against the conduct and decisions of the government.“The ability to open business is in your hands, from now the results are also passed onto your shoulders. Carry it and succeed,” wrote the CEO. “Now it’s your turn. The honorable government is playing with us, playing with you, asking for a few more days, and a few more days, because of the hysteria and disconnection of the Health Ministry and the prime minister’s inability or unwillingness to make a decision.”

Tzvi Joffre and Maayan Hoffman contributed to this report.

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