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Apple Pays $288,500 to Young Hackers for Discovering 55 Vulnerabilities


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A massive security breach could happen to any business at any time. That’s why white-hat hackers spend their days poking and prodding at networks, searching for any vulnerabilities that could endanger customers’ private data. But it’s weird to hear about a white-hat group reporting 55 vulnerabilities to a business, especially when the business in question is Apple.

As reported by Ars Technica, a group of hackers led by the 20-year-old Sam Curry discovered 55 vulnerabilities in Apple’s infrastructure. Of these 55 bugs, 11 were “critical,” meaning that Curry and his team could use them to gather private information, emails, and iCloud data.

Apple has processed nearly half of the vulnerabilities reported by Curry, and commits to pay at least $288,500 for the discovery of these bugs. Still, Curry predicts that Apple may pay something to the tune of $500,000 once it works its way through all the bugs. Frankly, that’s a small price to avoid a massive data breach.

Other researchers working with Curry include Brett Buerhaus, Ben Sadeghipour, Samuel Erb, and Tanner Barnes. The group hacked Apple for three months on the Apple bug bounty program and wrote an extensive report detailing how vulnerabilities were discovered. It’s a good read, although it’s quite long!

Source: Sam Curry via Ars Technica

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