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A couple wins the jackpot — after playing the same set of numbers for 26 years


After playing the same set of numbers for 26 years, one North Carolina couple finally hit the jackpot.

Terry Coggeshall of Durham and his wife took home over $366,000 last week after winning the Cash 5 jackpot.

The couple came close to winning a few times in the past but never hit it big.

This time, Coggeshall purchased his lucky ticket from a grocery store in Chapel Hill.

When he arrived home, he and his wife watched together as the winning numbers were called.

“I was in the La-Z-Boy as she was standing there watching and she started screaming. She goes, ‘I won, I won!’ And I go, ‘What?!'”

The pair took home $259,425 after taxes.

Coggeshall, a delivery coordinator, plans to use the money toward retirement.

“It takes a lot of stress off. It’ll be a good amount to put away to help with retirement,” he said.

The odds of winning the cash 5 drawing are 1 in 962,598.

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